Agenda at a glance

What questions will we address?

Impact Investment within the Architecture of Development Assistance:   How are the SDGs directing impact ventures and International Development Organisations (IDOs)? What are the formats through which IDOs can support impact ventures and ecosystems and deal with related challenges? At what stage and how IDOs get involved in: Incubation, Acceleration or Expansion?

Helping Governments to back Impact Investments:  How can IDOs help governments and contribute to their policy frameworks for social entrepreneurship and impact investments?

Joining Efforts with Ventures to Maximize Impact:  What do impact ventures and social entrepreneurs expect from IDOs? Which cooperation models work best?  Where should support be focused:  direct funding vs. easing access to funds, expertise in specific domains vs. expertise in impact management, supporting start-ups vs scaling up proven impact ventures?

Blending Funds for Development and Impact Investments:  What can IDOs offer to impact investors? What are the expectations of impact investors from IDOs in regards to deal flow, financial de-risking, risk mitigation, reducing transactional cost, addressing liquidity, supporting scaling-up of impact ventures?

Transforming to impact business and social enterprise: From For-Profit and Non-Profit to value creation. What are the best ways to support and encourage the transition from commercial businesses, NGOs and conventional development projects to impact ventures?

Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Management challenges: How should IDOs help with impact metrics, measurement, attestation and reporting in developing countries? Are ‘SDG compliance’ and ‘focus certification’ useful models?

Cultural and faith-related mind-set shift: What does Impact Investment look like in the context of involving national Diasporas, Islamic Finance and faith-based social entrepreneurship?

Millennials and International Development: How should the millennials be involved in the social entrepreneurship movement?

Regional Perspective: in Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East.